Our goal was to create a globally recognised hospitality brand with a finger on the pulse of the modern day traveller. Rooted in this vision, the Aiana brand family was born, encompassing a wide spectrum of guest experiences, from great value urban spaces through to luxury and heritage properties.

By providing our signature style of world-class Indian service, alongside authentic experiences and design that’s inspired by location, we believe our original approach can redefine modern day hospitality. But not just for our guests, this passion extends to our environment, colleagues, owners and communities. From our intelligent management model, to the smart design of our properties, everything we do is fresh, innovative and in tune with our operating philosophy.

Whether it’s the state of the art design of our hotels, to our signature style of service, our core values are reflected in everything we do. We are a global hospitality brand, with a difference.

What We Do

The Aiana Experience

We don’t just build and manage hotels and resorts. We intelligently take advantage of our properties’ surroundings to deliver immersive experiences. These experiences create an unmistakeable ambience – it’s the Aiana ambience – enhanced by our Indian-inspired service, our hunger to delight and our passion for authenticity. Built with the guest’s comfort in mind, we do luxury, but we don’t do ostentatious – because the Aiana experience is all encompassing.

Beautiful to the eye, perfect to the touch. We offer sophisticated, tailored experiences. From our original Jetlag Menu, to the Aiana Climate, operating throughout all our hotels, we want our guests to take away more than just a great night’s sleep. Whether it be an appreciation of our seamlessly integrated technology, or an Aiana-inspired feel good moment, we’ve merged the best of Indian and Qatari culture, with a little modern flair. Now it’s down to us to share the Aiana way with the world.