Head of IT support

Ravvish Jhala

Ravvish is our head of IT support. An accomplished pioneer of the information technology world, his focus lies in the hospitality sector. Responsible for the continued development of Aiana’s information technology platforms, he aims to ensure that all our properties utilise the best possible systems for our back end operations, and that they deliver a uniquely tech-enabled customer experience.

Ravvish has a proven track record of creating innovative technology solutions that support business growth by increasing revenues and reducing costs. During the past two decades, a period that has seen unprecedented growth in the application of information technology, he has worked with leading brands such as Hyatt Hotels and Resorts, Mars Hotels and Restaurants, Oberoi Hotels and Resorts and Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts.

As a Hotel Technology Manager, Ravvish has acquired indispensable skills and a strong awareness of marketing, e-commerce, revenue management and data analysis. He is well versed in the application of new technologies to enhance the customer experience. Ravvish serves on the boards and advisory panels of several industry bodies. He is an InfoTech Committee Member of the Hotel Restaurants Association, West India, and a founder of the Hospitality, Healthcare, Aviation, Travel and Tourism (HATT) forum.