Unique, connected and informed; these are just three watchwords that will define our hotel guest both today and in the future. An understanding of the customer and effective hotel operations are both key to the financial success of our growing business. Not only do our hotel management team have the expertise and hands on experience to take care of and grow your assets, but we have the much needed creative flair and progressive thinking to match.

We capture the warmth, intimacy and character of a boutique hotel and operate it with the economies of scale that can only be found with a globally respected hospitality brand.

Hotel Operations

Together we Flourish

At Aiana, we are all about standards. Whilst our brand values define us, ultimately, it’s our guests’ expectations that drive us. We can work with you to comprehensively assess your property’s potential to join the many others already flourishing as part of the Aiana story. As a partner of Aiana, our input doesn’t just stop there. From pre-development, to commissioning, until the day you welcome guests through your hotel doors for the very first time and beyond- we are with you. Engaged, motivated and ready to help you make the most of your assets. We will make sure that your property is reaching its full potential.

A clear vision and operating philosophy allows us to attract the freshest talent in the industry. We recruit internationally renowned professionals from every area of hospitality and beyond to ensure you’re as strong as can be. And we won’t just train your staff. We will continue to nurture and guide your team on their journey- it’s all part of our core values.

Our hotel management team has the experience, knowledge and creative talent to position you at the forefront of the hospitality market.