We are experts in corporate business sales, leisure sales and conducting business based on the principles of MICE. Our multi-skilled sales teams focus their expertise on these three main areas, as we believe they are vital to the growth and success of Aiana. We dedicate teams of specialists to focus on each individual sales segment, as we look to build brand loyalty and increase revenue for both Aiana and our partners.

Across the company, all our sales teams work in collaboration with one another to form the ever strengthening force that drives Aiana’s financial success.


Like our guests, we’re tech savvy

We utilise the best in technology to achieve results, and a key component to our success is the myfidelio central hotel reservation platform. As an all-encompassing single point of distribution, it allows us to connect to all our global distribution channels, including both online and offline travel agencies in addition to hotel booking websites. This is operated in partnership with the Global Hotel Alliance, where our membership allows us to increase our outreach.

The platform also provides us with vital, real-time statistics and intelligence. From this information, we can assess market demand and keep up to date with local and global trends. The myfidelio platform is fundamental to developing pricing and inventory strategies. All of the information gathered allows us to make informed decisions on how to improve our performance in different areas, in addition to improving our market share and profitability.

Our Locations

Aiana Worldwide

As a global hospitality brand, we think it’s important to be in touch with all of our key markets, which is why we operate out of four offices worldwide. By operating throughout India, the Middle East, Europe and Asia, we are able to develop better, more closely formed relationships with both our business associates and clientele.


Home to the inspiration for our signature style of service, India is host to two of our corporate offices. We have offices in both the western and southern regions of India to allow us to be more closely connected to these rapidly expanding markets. The work of the Western India Sales Team has a strong emphasis on inbound travel and MICE business sales, as they look to encourage economic growth for both Aiana and the regions in which we operate. The team are steered adeptly by our regional head of sales who is responsible for the care of key accounts in cities such as Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Pune. He and his team have a continuous eye on the supply and demand dynamics of your market. They will work closely with you and your local revenue and sales team in order to deploy vital strategies that will maximise revenue throughout all areas of your investment. Our Southern India Sales Team specialise in leisure sales, as we recognise the key differences in priorities between business and leisure travellers. The team mainly focus on the budding markets of Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai.

Middle East

We have a devoted regional sales team located in Dubai/Doha, ready to respond to this burgeoning market. The team is comprised of numerous experienced professionals who are all proficient in the operation of MICE sales, RFP business and leisure sales contracting. They’re led by an accomplished, regional head of sales who uses innovative and intelligent thinking to continue to gain substantial market share in this region.


The potential for market share growth in this region is enormous. We’ve assembled an effective team of sale contractors who are wholly committed to gaining market share in both China and Indonesia. The team is directed by a regional head of sales, who is confident that Asia will become one of our most rewarding markets.


We want to share Aiana with the world, which is why our marketing team is dedicated to increasing brand awareness globally. We work hard to build and maintain close working business relationships with our partners and we value longevity within these. Our main goal is to develop and maximise their return on investment and we are always looking for new and exciting approaches to increase the number of new guests to our partners’ hotels. We have a deep understanding of both marketplace dynamics and our customers’ changing desires and through distinct and focused marketing, we are able to target the customer sector that Aiana looks to serve. We believe we are unique, and it’s important to us that we differentiate our brand from our competitors, where everything we do goes some way to articulating our brand philosophy.

Whilst we offer a full range of marketing services to our partners, it’s fair to say that we live in a digital world. This is where we excel. The digital realm is fast paced and constantly changing, so it’s important to keep up. Our team has the knowledge to turn a business into a market leader through well thought out, carefully crafted digital marketing campaigns. Our creative campaigns help partners to develop a strong online presence and ultimately, increase revenue. Some of our areas of expertise include pay-per-click strategies, social media support, online distribution and editorial calendars for blogs. We also encourage participation in key global trade fairs, such as ITB Berlin (Internationale Tourismus-Börse), WTM London (World Travel Market) and ATM Dubai (Arabian Travel Market). We undertake thorough market analysis and utilise the latest technology in everything we do.